Omnichannel event-driven marketing

Use multiple channels to address customers

Follow the customer journey using both online and offline channels. Reach out to potential clients with appropriate offers in the right place at the right time.

Digitalization surpasses traditional marketing channels and makes it possible to target customers using the right tools at different stages of the buying process. Thanks to our digital lead-management solution, track the lifecycle of your potential and existing clients, their history and journey across your channels. Thus, you can avoid losing them to your competitors and increase your conversion rate.

Using our multichannel marketing solution, you’ll be able to manage and differentiate between marketing campaigns across all the channels through which the customer comes into contact with your services:

  • Offline: physical stores, call centers, resellers, etc.
  • Online: the Web, e-mails, social networks, mobile applications, online advertising, etc.

The software is not just able to recognize which channels a potential or existing client has visited, and when, but can also evaluate the statistical chance of closing a deal at any given moment in the client’s decision-making process.


According to Accenture, up to 78% of policyholders would be willing to share their personal data with an insurance company in exchange for relevant services tailored to meet their individual needs.

Marketing automation

Based on the acquired knowledge, relevant marketing activities are triggered automatically – for example, a chat bot is activated or a pop-up window is opened asking for a potential client’s phone number, an SMS or an e-mail is sent, or a customer service representative is immediately alerted of the client’s activity when he or she has logged in to the web interface.

Alternatively, push notifications can be sent with a time-limited offer for a specific product, for example, a 10% discount when an insurance policy is opened within 7 days. There are thousands of individual solutions and channel combinations, so we’ll help you choose the ones best-suited to meet your goals.

Moreover, we can also employ Artificial Intelligence and predictive analysis throughout the whole process, making it possible to anticipate a potential client’s next steps and so to propose a further course of action in advance.


Sample omnichannel campaign scenario

Solution benefits

Customers who are already using our multichannel lead-management solution most often mention the following benefits:

  • Positive customer experience.
  • Higher sales thanks to timely and relevant offers.
  • Improvement in preventing the risk of client departure; client retention.
  • Increased loyalty among existing customers.

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