Mobile sources of information

Monetize data from mobile applications

Access mobile applications as a rich information resource and monetise the data you receive, for example, in the form of a score.

Nowadays almost everyone uses a smartphone. And the younger generation, millennials and Generation Z, have theirs practically glued to their hands. With the rapid development of data services and the increase in data transmission, more and more clients are chatting, sharing, googling, watching videos, turning on services, ordering, shopping…. Quickly, without unnecessary complexity and long filling-in of forms.

Take advantage of what you know

For us, mobile apps are not just another communication channel, but a rich, valuable source of client data. When they're online, people look for what they're interested in, compare the offers of all telecom operators, share their experiences, and look for reviews and advice from influencers. All data on your systems is in different forms.  

Do you monitor what your potential and existing clients are doing on your site or your app, and can you "pre-empt" them with targeted push-notifications or campaigns? Do your online forms remember data previously entered in them, and when you return to them, they automatically offer the most recent data? Can you enrich predictive models with this data and designate potential customers?  

You can use and process the information obtained for internal purposes, for example, to identify potential threats to customers from competitors, or to determine the likelihood of purchase conversion. However, you can also process existing data externally and in the form of a score, as Big Data, and offer monetisation as a commercial service. 

We at Adastra deal with these areas. At the same time, we can create apps that connect to internal systems and function as an internal communication channel, sales channel, or just as a reporting platform. 

Take advantage of our experience and begin to proactively interact with your customer. Offer them a new product or service at the right moment, and even with a discount if they activate a service or extend a contract within the next two days. 

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The sales of sports goods increased 125% on the day when push notifications were sent.

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Jiří Balcárek

Telco&Retail Division Director

Jiří Balcárek