Excellent Customer Experience

Excellent Customer Experience

Monitor your customers' behaviour and moods using sensors, reach out to them with personalised advertising, customise your shop interior, staff, etc. to them.

When customers, especially the younger generation, come to telecom operators' shops they expect them to have modern and innovative solutions that provide them with personalised service and comfort. Meet their needs. We help you to improve customer service and increase sales volume.

Shopping experience with our digital scenarios

Digitisation, including the Internet of Things, will help you enhance your overall impression and gain customer confidence. We help you with the following areas or design a digital scenario just for you. 

  • Personalised offer/advertising – using IoT technologies, we can map basic facts about shop visitors (gender or age) anonymously and show them a personalised offer with interactive displays located at the store.  

  • Shop location/local offer – we define target groups of customers who live or are present in certain locations, or who visit your shops. We build their demographic profile and help you to put together an optimal product offer in the existing shop. 

  • Interior and customer care – with knowledge of demography and technology that can identify both visitors' moods and anomalies in their behaviour, we can evaluate how satisfied they are with, for example, product offers, the placement of products on display shelves and tables, or the services provided by your staff. Improve the interior of your shop and customer care. 

  • Service without waiting – we help you to optimise your shifts. Adapt the number of staff in a shop to the current number of customers so that no one has to wait.  

  • Shop benchmarking – we can monitor the workload of shop staff, visitor numbers and sales, so as to optimise the shift system, working hours, or even the offer. You can start comparing individual shops with each other. Utilise proven, hard data, and forget about feelings or estimates. 

  • Proximity marketing and navigation – we bring your customers straight to you with a visually appealing and user-friendly mobile app - whether they're on the street or in a shopping centre. We show them important information (such as opening hours or current number of visitors in the shop), or current special offers on products 

60 %

60 % of consumers are interested in a personalised, real-time shopping experience (Source: Accenture) 

Pepper, a humanoid robot

Have you talked to the robot T-Dee at a T-Mobile shop in Prague or Brno? Missed it? So take a look or read about it.  

For now it's more distracting for shop visitors, but in time it'll get a much more prominent role. It welcomes customers when they enter the shop, presents them with the current offer, or directs them to the goods and services they are looking for.  

It communicates with visitors in Czech, in natural language. It recognises human emotions and adapts its responses to them. T-Dee is actually Pepper by Soft Bank Robotics Europe (SBRE). Adastra, as a partner of this leader in humanoid robotics, provides Pepper with full software support. We train and deliver Pepper to fully meet your needs and the needs of your customers. You can also use its services occasionally through short-term rentals. 

Stand out from your competitors with technological innovation and offer your customers an excellent shopping experience.

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Jiří Balcárek

Telco&Retail Division Director

Jiří Balcárek