Digital onboarding

Digital onboarding

An easy, convenient customer identification process that saves your employees time on administration.

No more signed documents sent by courier. Your new customers can set up a telecommunications service using a truly digital process. Everything is done using a mobile phone, tablet or computer, through our digital onboarding solution. In addition, you minimise errors when entering customer information.

Save time and improve your clients' customer experience

Your clients can communicate their problems and requests quickly, online, efficiently, and without waiting for IVR customer helplines. The digital onboarding mobile app allows you to agree a contract with the client without the need for personal contact. The client simply downloads it to their device and selects the required service in tariff intuitive mode - tariff, roaming, data package, etc.  

You can quickly and easily authenticate your client's personal identity using FaceID, national ID card, or fingerprint. The app then automatically pre-populates an interactive form with the client's personal data. The integrated software allows you to take pictures and record additional documents. The system verifies the validity of documents or insolvency by connecting to other external data sources, such as various registers.  

Your existing customers will also be able to utilise the solution, for instance, when their only data connection is through hotel Wi-Fi. It will help them, for example, if their roaming isn't working, they've reached their data limits, or if they have queries about billing. You take care of the problem and at the same time get an additional data and communication channel that you can use for marketing and sales.

5 min

On average, it takes 5 minutes to process a client's request via an onboarding app. (Source: Zenoo)

Don't forget about corporate customers - SMB, SOHO

The corporate sector, and especially small business customers, is highly diversified, with a wide variety of business sectors. We link your systems to information about companies available in public registers. This helps you to better identify the needs and possibilities of the customer and respond to them appropriately with regard marketing and business. 

Identify the customer/entrepreneur and obtain all the necessary information, including both external and internal data. Based on this, you can place it in the right segment or microsegment. You prepare a solution and the combination of services that are optimal for the customer's business, company size and location.

Get a pilot solution within 10 weeks

We prepare an initial analysis within 4 weeks and implement a tailor-made pilot solution within 10 weeks.  

Our onboarding mobile app is used by tens of millions of end users in the financial segment. One foreign financial institution saw a threefold increase in its sales efficiency. The solution can certainly also be used in telecommunications. Write to learn about other results.

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Efektivita prodejů finanční instituce, která využívá naši mobilní onboardingovou aplikaci, se zvýšila 3krát.

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