Digital transformation

Strategies for a digital future

Let us help you embark on a digital transformation. Over the past 3 years, we have fully implemented or started pilot programs for more than 60 digital projects.

The current era demands a strong digital strategy. Customers today make decisions here and now, which requires perfect readiness on your part: knowledge of detailed information that you’re able to collect about your customers and your products, and how to connect these to quickly and effectively manage employees, customers, and merchandise in your physical stores and in your e-shops.

We create and implement digital strategies

We approach digitalization from three angles:

Customer experience

  • An online and offline dialogue with customers
  • Knowledge about the customer
  • Quality sales and services
  • After-sales service
  • An individual approach according to customer segment
  • Self-service
  • Mobile applications 
  • Loyalty programs

Your employees’ user experience

  • Knowledge and ability to serve the customer
  • Functional systems
  • Simple applications
  • Easily accessible information
  • Automatic and efficient workflows

Process optimization

  • A clear overview of the company’s performance
  • Information based on hard data
  • Integrated systems

We already have immense experience of comprehensively redesigning existing company processes. Along with the processes themselves, we also address their impact on the organization’s entire ecosystem – from business models, IT architecture and systems, including technology, to team bonds and organizational structure.

Make it easier and more pleasant for your customers to contact you and for your employees to do their job. Both have the power to multiply the strength and capabilities of your business and, thus, its results.


82% of millenials (and 55% of the other customers) compare prices, review or take a picture of the products in retails stores. (Source: EY)

We digitalize retail

Take a look at how Adastra’s mobile app can use augmented reality to guide a customer to your shop:

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Adéla Mikschiková

Business Development Manager IoT

Adéla Mikschiková