Safety management

Increase occupational safety in your warehouse

As many others, you are also certainly confronted with situations where employees do not comply with the safety rules. They use forbidden entrances, or take shortcuts through areas where reconstruction or maintenance is underway and where injuries can happen. Reduce the number of mishaps, safety incidents, and unnecessary occupational accidents.

Take advantage of our safety management solution, which use modern technologies including the Internet of Things and video analytics. Using a camera system and image analysis, we can recognize what is happening in the image. Based on video analytics, we can assess the safety incident before it even leads to an accident.

The camera scans a designated area in which, for example, maintenance work is underway, where forklifts and employees without safety helmets are prohibited from going. The space is staked out with cones that define a no-entry zone for video analytics. As soon as a forklift or an employee without a safety helmet appears in the area, the system immediately sends a warning to both the safety manager and the specific individual who broke the rules.

Take a look at this short video with models of forklifts to see how it might look in your warehouse.

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Adéla Mikschiková

Business Development Manager IoT

Adéla Mikschiková