Process Automation

Process Automation

Connect all processes, technologies, and people digitally. Become more efficient and profitable, and keep one step ahead of the competition. Etch yourself into your customers' memories, as the ones who are one step ahead of the others.

Digitisation is moving inexorably forward. Even if you digitise only some of your processes, it inevitably affects others. Adastra's task is to ensure that everything works flawlessly. Process automation is a complex process that affects the entire organisation.  

However, you can enjoy the benefits you get through process automation.  

Over the past three years, we have implemented or piloted more than 60 digital projects, from the comprehensive digitisation of end-to-end processes to minor changes in online lead management. These projects can take only a few weeks (online lead management), but the complex ones can also last for several months (process digitisation). 

50 %

We eliminate 50% of back-office work.

The average ROI of our projects is more than 10-fold. This means that you will get 10 crowns back for every crown invested, within 12 months of launching the pilot. 

Our common tasks at Adastra include: 

  • We implement digital lead management and handle its impact on the classic communications channels that it affects.  

  • We introduce chatbots to contact centres and adjust the operational processes of the contact centre as a whole, depending on the related processes. 

  • We digitise service lines and outbound call centres.  

  • We digitise online and end-to-end processes. We reduce error rate by 70%. We eliminate 50% of back-office work. 

  • We optimise work resource planning. 

  • We diversify workloads by cost (and necessary knowledge). 

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The average ROI of our projects is 10 times within one year of launch. 

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Adéla Mikschiková

Business Development Manager IoT

Adéla Mikschiková