Digital Paperless Processes

Digital Paperless Processes

Simplify and accelerate processes, both for employees and customers. Everything works on a digital, paperless basis, for example in loyalty programmes, online shopping or when ordering goods. Reporting and internal signature flows also gain a new dimension.

Paperless solutions aren't just about saving our forests. The digitisation of processes also brings the following benefits: 

  • reduces the number of administrative tasks 

  • reduces error rate 

  • unifies the data view 

  • and you'll be able to use advanced analytics and reporting tools, 

Díky tomu dokážete lépe řídit celou firmu.

all of which helps you to better manage your entire business. 

The digitisation of processes will significantly reduce, for example, the burden on your customer line and specialist departments. It helps you with the audited approval of reports, records, and all documentation, and can also be used as a tool for fast data collection. 

At Adastra, our most common digital tasks include: 

  • We digitise internal processes, which eliminates unproductive administrative activities, such as the copying, rewriting, sending and archiving of documents, allowing you to focus on your customers and on improving your services.  

  • We optimise the distribution of branches, their working hours, and the use of employees.  

  • We count and measure queues. What customers dislike most is waiting. You will be able to effectively adjust staff numbers at branches, and your employees will not feel so overloaded.  

  • We simplify and speed up the identity verification process for employees and customers, eliminating mistakes and typos. 

  • We reduce personnel costs required to staff the customer line, and up to 50% of queries are answered by a specially trained bot (chatbot, voicebot). This allows employees to handle queries that cannot be handled by algorithms. In addition, the chat bot is available 24/7. 

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Automated data transfer from scanned or photographed IDs will prevent 90% of all input errors.

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Adéla Mikschiková