13. 09. 2021

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5 key benefits FinReCo can offer your company too

Are you thinking about switching to a different system for managent reporting and controlling? Or are you looking for a way to improve the one you already have? FinReCo offers these 5 key features to help your business:

  1. 24x7: online any day and at any time – your management will always have up-to-date financial numbers available for strategic decision-making
  2. Speed: from 3 weeks to 3 days – we will shorten the time it takes to finish the management income statement, including data collection
  3. Focus on business: Business analysis and support – your controllers will start analyzing and supporting the business instead of continuing with the unpopular collection and connection of Excel spreadsheets
  4. Unambiguity: 3 different controllers submitting 3 queries on the income statement will get 3 identical results
  5. Assurance: Your business logic will move into your reporting and will not just reside in the heads and spreadsheets of your controllers, whose absence or departure will consequently not endanger your company

And this is just the beginning; more features can be added according to your specific conditions.

Contact us – we will discuss the situation and options in your company and find a way for FinReCo to help you.

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Oto Gücklhorn

Account Manager

Oto Gücklhorn

David Kaláb

Government & Insurance Division Director

David Kaláb