Paperless insurance

Paperless insurance

Simplify and accelerate processes for external and internal clients – go digital and paperless

You no longer have to spend dozens of hours photocopying, rewriting, distributing, and archiving documents. Focus instead on your clients or on improving your services. Don’t be held back by excess administration; increase your productivity and profit. Have your clients sign documents digitally, and help communications flow quickly and easily between departments and branches.

A paperless solution for your whole company

  • Digitizing contracts – finalize and update client contracts digitally, in a branch or remotely. Just enter all the input data directly into the online form and save up to 90% of your printing costs.
  • Claims reporting – make it possible for clients to settle claims digitally using a mobile application.
  • Claims handling – even your assessors want to work efficiently and without unnecessary paperwork. Now, they can register claims on-site, including a description of the damage and photo or video documentation.
  • Electronic underwriting – integrate data from multiple sources (for example, regarding the client’s health), assess risks, and set relevant terms and prices for each individual case.
  • Signature workflow – make it easier to handle the various rounds of signatures for contract documentation and all the processes required by regulatory compliance. The system will take care of everything for you.
  • Efficient micromanagement – thanks to complex computer processing, you can reduce administrative work, gain a unified overview of the data, and make it possible to leverage Advanced Analytics and reporting tools.

Digitizing processes will significantly reduce the burden on your customer support line, specialist departments, and methodologists. It will help you pass audits of your reports, records, and all documentation, and will also serve as a rapid data-collection tool. In addition, it will reduce error rates and limit the risk of fraud by clearly identifying time-stamped contracts, which cannot be backdated electronically.

Take a look at how MetLife gets rid of unnecessary paperwork thanks to Adastra’s mobile app.

90 %

90% of the total cost of printing and working with documents is spent on printing supplies and administration (15%), document production (25%), and media handling (50%).

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