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Excellent customer experience

Use sensors to monitor your clients’ behavior and mood, address them with personalized advertising, adapt the branch’s interior to their needs, customize services for them, and so on.

Even though, these days, you can handle many things with your insurance company online or by phone, clients don’t want to give up personal contact entirely. We’ll help you improve customer service and increase upselling potential, offering clients products and services tailored to their needs.


75% of clients prefer to set up insurance in person.

Personal contact with maximum comfort

Digitalization, including the Internet of Things, enhances the overall impression clients are given and raises their confidence in the product and the insurance company. We can help you in the following areas or design a digital scenario just for you.

  • Personalized offers/advertising – using IoT technologies, we can establish anonymous facts about the branch’s visitors (age, gender) and show them personalized insurance offers, which they can then discuss with a sales representative at the counter. As a result, the client spends less time in the branch, while employees are able to serve more clients during a shift.    
  • Improved customer care – we can identify visitors’ moods and any anomalous behavior, and we can evaluate the quality of service provided by individual employees.
  • Branch interiors and staffing – thanks to knowledge of the branch’s visitor demographics, we can help design its interior according to the clients’ needs. The same applies to choosing the branch’s personnel (if the branch is frequented by older people, they will probably prefer to be served by a similar age group).
  • No-wait service – open and close service desks according to the number of clients at the branch at any given time so nobody needs to wait. With our solution, you’ll always know how many clients are present.
  • Branch ratings – we can monitor the visit rate and average waiting time at each individual branch for you to optimize work shifts and hours. Use proven, hard data rather than feelings and estimates.
  • Branch locations – using a visually appealing and user-friendly mobile app, we can bring your clients straight to a branch and show them important information (such as opening hours, current promotions, and so on).

Take a look at how Adastra’s mobile app can use augmented reality to guide a client to one of your branches.

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