Data monetization

Let your data earn an income

Connect with entities from other industries, run joint campaigns, and thus monetize your data.

Insurance companies own vast amounts of data about their policyholders and their assets, which can become a valuable information resource for companies from other sectors. Join forces with them and, instead of creating complicated new communication and sales channels, monetize your anonymized data. 

There are plenty of possibilities to use the existing data you have about your clients and their activities. We’ll help you go through your data sources and suggest combinations so that no opportunity is wasted.

Insurance organizations that already use our services can count on our help monetizing, for example:

  • Client solvency evaluations – information on whether the policyholder meets the terms of his or her insurance contract can be a valuable resource for banks and credit companies, which can then better assess the risks of providing a loan.
  • Insurance products – information about a new insurance policy being arranged can serve entities from other industries (retail, banking, finance, manufacturing, etc.) as a source for event-driven marketing campaigns, personalized campaigns, and micro-campaigns.
  • Claims settlements – information about a claim, such as for a car accident or property damage (house, flat, production facility, warehouse, etc.), and the resulting insurance payout is useful for manufacturers, real-estate agencies, and retailers from various sectors in helping them prepare personalized offers of products or services.
  • Policyholders’ family status – information about the policyholders’ immediate family situation can help other entities, in the retail sector, for example, to improve their customer segmentation and targeted marketing and sales activities.

It is estimated that data monetization could add up to 8 billion extra dollars a year to the insurance sector. (Source: Accenture)

Data anonymization

As a third party, we can combine portfolios from both sides and analyze the client typology that is interesting for each party. The actual data monetization is completely secure and fully in accordance with the relevant legislation. We work solely with anonymized data, on which we build clearly defined business use cases.

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