Automated processes

Automated processes

Digitally connect all your company’s processes, technologies, and people into one efficient, functioning whole.

The digitalization and automation of all internal and external processes will fundamentally change how insurance companies work. Everything will be transparent, efficient, with omnichannel communication, and without unnecessary paperwork. A major role in this transformation will be played by IT systems and innovative approaches such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and voice and text analytics.

Start building your digital future with us now. Don’t let your clients go to small, agile, newly established insurance companies and “InsureTech” organizations.

Simpler, more effective, digital

Imagine that your insurance company is completely digital. You take your client’s personal data from the register or simply scan or photograph their ID card. Each insurance policy respects the individual needs of the client. You review the contract’s terms and conditions on an ongoing basis according to changes in the client’s life (which you know about because you have at your disposal data from sensors and mobile apps used by your client every day). You arrange insurance payouts within 2 days of a claim being made, which is electronically documented and evaluated by Artificial Intelligence. When the client’s policy ends, you offer him or her an extension of the contract or payment options for the final instalment.

We can make this happen. We’ll implement and then help you with all of the following:

  • Digital paperless processes – for example, our mobile app makes it easier for MetLife to draw up insurance contracts.
  • The fast and errorfree addition of new clients into the insurance company system – Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes the process of client identification substantially quicker and easier.
  • Digital onboarding – we help banks and nonbanking financial institutions gain new clients quickly thanks to fully digital processes for opening new accounts and arranging loans. We can prepare similar services for the insurance industry as well.
  • Detecting fraudulent activity using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – we’ll reduce the number of false positive cases, so your detectives can focus on the real risks.
  • Omnichannel communication with clients – with our help, you’ll communicate with clients in the same way on all your channels: you’ll know what the client is looking for/testing/checking out, and you’ll be able to proactively offer him or her targeted products and services.  

Make sure you’ve always got your finger on the pulse – we follow the market and modern trends, and we connect with progressive partners so that we’re constantly innovating not only for ourselves but mainly for you.

16 %

In the Czech Republic, handling insurance online currently lags far behind the use of online banking. While 59% of users take advantage of e-banking, only 16% of policyholders arrange their insurance online.

MetLife goes paperless

Take a look at how MetLife works without unnecessary paperwork thanks to Adastra’s mobile app. The app automatically prevents errors when the client or insurance agent is filling in the contract.

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