We digitalize insurance companies.

The insurance market is changing radically – clients want everything to be quick, easy, and intuitive, and they are not as loyal as they used to be. We will help you be prepared.

Insurance is becoming simpler, more automated, personalized. Settling and fulfilling a claim begins immediately following the insured incident. “InsureTech” and alternative players are asserting themselves, selling insurance underwritten by other companies. Insurance companies need to focus on the customer and his or her needs and preferences with an agile, digital-first approach.

Risk management

Are you working with the actual risks posed by your policyholders?

We will help you deploy a solution that, using sensors, smart devices, registers, etc., will give you much more information about individuals, cars, homes, and organizations. As a result, you will know immediately whether they are trying to act fraudulently.

Customer value management

Who are your most valuable customers?

Low-risk clients who pay low premiums, or clients who are very high-risk, who have expensive insurance policies but never make a claim? With our digital solutions, you will learn much more about them, offer them insurance specific to their needs, and begin communicating with them more effectively. You can thus easily manage their value.


Do you need to ensure you comply with Czech and European legislation?

We will help you find your way around the rules, standards, and regulations in European legislation to verify that you meet all the requirements. We will make sure you report everything correctly and do not pay any unnecessary fines and penalties. 



We will help you utilize the best modern technologies fully.

Our solutions are built on using the latest technologies from all around the world. We just need to find the right way how to use them. We will consult your problems, design solutions, and take care of the smooth implementation, including project management.