Data enrichment

Data enrichment

Interconnect your data with external sources, and obtain quality leads for effective business communication with your corporate clientele.

Put an effective tool for increasing sales volume, both with your existing corporate clientele and with new bank clients, in your bankers' and relationship managers' hands. We will help you identify in good time, and react quickly to, business signals for making contact as well as potential risk factors in the SME segment.

Switch from Big Data to Smart Data

In collaboration with the company Bisnode, we've developed a unique tool for effective communication with business customers – the Corporate Data Enrichment Tool (CoDET).

CoDET uses Big Data and advanced analytics processes for rapid client profiling, and enables work with up-to-date information from the moment it first appears on the market. It immediately interconnects it with internal transactional data, evaluates it analytically and generates leads for making contact. Thanks to this, you work primarily with quality contacts which have a high probability of conversion. 

The solution, including the data, can be integrated into your internal CRM system, thus raising the usability of data and analytics to a new level.


Using our data enrichment solution, contact quality has increased threefold, while the target list has been reduced to one third.

The solution enables you to approach every customer in a personalised manner, and according to their requirements. This increases their satisfaction, loyalty and business potential.

Michal Kratochvíl, Banking Division Director, Adastra

Benefits of the solution

  • You will be aware of anything interesting that's happening with your corporate clientele, so that you can offer them the appropriate services in good time.
  • You will be able to evaluate your clients' risk factor daily, on the basis of a rich set of both internal and external data.
  • You will be able to target client microsegments with the same requirements and similar company life cycles.
  • You will be able to creatively construct micro-campaigns, because you will be able to comprehensively profile your customers, i.e. also create target groups.
  • You will reduce the average period bankers need to prepare for one case, and you will obtain a complete corporate client profile in just a few clicks.
  • Bankers will no longer have to spend time looking for data in registers and search engines. They will be able to intuitively classify information according to their marketing and business priorities within the scope of a single interactive interface.

Employee efficiency has increased eightfold in our first client implementation.

By interconnecting internal client data with Bisnote data, it is possible to find a suitable algorithm which indicates how and when to contact new customers. The model will select only companies which show purchasing signals, while on the contrary avoiding high-risk companies.

Marek Krajčo, Major Account Manager, Bisnode

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