Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Retain your existing clients and win new ones with artificial intelligence methods.

How do you retain customers in a highly saturated market? What do they need and what can you offer? How can you win new ones? What’s the best way to communicate with them? With Adastra, or Blindspot Solutions, it’s easier than it seems.

Optimize communication with customers

Every customer is different. Some respond better to information or offers sent by SMS, some prefer email, and for some it is ideal to display information on Facebook. The goal is to achieve the best possible conversion at the lowest possible costs. Artificial intelligence enables you to optimize communication channels for hundreds of campaigns and micro-campaigns. It simply delivers the message where the willingness to buy is the greatest, and provides monitoring to determine if the customer starts responding better to another communication channel.

Optimize the work of branches or the use of call centers

So far artificial intelligence is unable to replace empathy and chatbots cannot solve complex problems with customers. Use staff for work which no algorithm can take care of. Leave the rest up to Adastra and Blindspot Solutions.

Artificial intelligence easily learns how to respond to customers’ repeated inquiries, e.g. changing permanent residence or delivery address or making premature payments. Artificial intelligence can be easily taught things that unfold according to pre-determined rules. It can have a dialogue with the customer without making them feel like they are talking to a robot.

Assign phone calls to phone operators according to the mood of the caller. You can switch the most demanding customers to operators with the highest degree of empathy.


70% reduction in support inquiries reported by companies that have introduced chatbots. (Gartner)

Optimize the number of branches or the use of call centers

Monitor the workload of your communication channels with human operators. Verify if and when your branches have sufficient workload or are overburdened. Focus on working hours and the locations of branches or individual counters. Which customers come to your branches, when and from where? With artificial intelligence we can schedule the coverage of a specific region as needed by your clients.

Wondering if your call centers are used effectively? Wanting to schedule inbound and outbound communication? Do you know how to plan your operators’ workload to maximize their performance? Rely on artificial intelligence for optimal scheduling of human resources, and use the capacity of your call center to the maximum.


500 people on average are employed by the domestic call centers of big corporations, such as banks and energy firms. Will bots take over their monotonous, often tedious routine work? Source: iDnes

Predict your shopping cart

Artificial intelligence is able to recognize typical and desirable behavioral patterns in the data on financial products and services used. Use this knowledge to estimate future trends. Just like in retail, shopping cart prediction is possible in banking as well. It is possible to predict the product or service the customer could be interested in. Artificial intelligence calculates it all on the basis of sample customers. In addition, the reliability of predictive algorithms increases the more data you provide.

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