Detect face-masks and monitor store capacity automatically with AI

We have prepared smart solution that help institutions and companies cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and even after the end of pandemic.

We help you to ensure that your employees and clients can safely return to your premises. As soon as all the restrictions on the operation of companies and shops are relaxed, our shared priority will be the safety of both your employees and your clients.

Keep your store open and working under restrictions

We present a solution that notifies you and your customers in case they do not wear a face mask and monitors your store capacity continuously. 

We utilize advanced video analytics engine and we pack it into a single box attached to a screen allowing an easy setup. The notification screen, fully in compliance with GDPR, alerts customers entering the store that their face is incorrectly covered, automatically monitors number of people within the store, and keeps track if the store capacity was not exceeded. 

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