Covid-19 Rapid Response Pack

Collection rapid response

Remote collection health check, portfolio segmentation and early collection optimalization.

Why remote collections project?

The situation around the world is rapidly deteriorating. The COVID 19 crisis, as well as likely starting economical downturn, will result in a significant share of a household, SME and corporates being in serious financial distress heavily impacting the banking business. The large scale financial distress of the population, SME and corporates need to be addressed proactively before the defaults start realizing or the impact on the clients as well as the realized loss will be much higher.

Immediate response is critical.

Banks need to adjust the collection to the new situation. The collections processes need to be reviewed and adjusted. At the beginning segmentation and pro-active measured for high-risk segments needs to be taken, further on all collections processes needs to be fine-tuned.

Remote project delivery with an experienced partner is the best option

COVID 19 spreading around the globe limits the possibility of on-site project delivery. We believe that a remote project with an experienced partner such as Adastra Business Consulting with a structured approach to collections is the best way to go.
Our Adastra Business Consulting unit prepared a proposal that might your collections to get ready for the future inflow and to proactively identify and address the most endangered segments of clients with saving measures. We would like to contribute to the stabilization of the situation that affects us all.

Personalized videos

If you want to to communicate with a selected group of your clients, yet in a personalized way, we have a great solution. You can send every one of them a personalized video with a tailored content, such as an offer to restructure their loan.

This communication is much more effective than written emails and direct mails.

  • same price

  • 2x open rate

  • 3x click rate

  • 4x action rate

Why Choose Adastra?

ABC has extensive experience with collections and track record of 120+ successfully delivered projects in the area. We also helped many large banking groups such as Unicredit, Raiffeisen, Societe Generale, Sberbank, OTP and others to address collections issues (PI, SME and Corporates) resulting from the financial crisis of 2008.

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Miroslav Kolář