Adoki manages every aspect of data offloading

Get ready for data-driven business. Get the same data on-premises and in the cloud.

Adoki tool


transfers data between various systems such as databases, data warehouses, Hadoop, and cloud platforms – quickly, effectively and securely


replicates huge numbers
of objects in a minimal
amount of time


manages everything 
from one place






With Adoki you will solve


Hybrid Data Lake

Ensure the same data anywhere, in on-presmise and in cloud data platform.


Managed Data Transfers

Permanently consistent data structures and minimizing the impact of traffic on IT infrastructure.


Any Number and Volume

The number and size of tables is not limited. No restrictions on formats and sources.






Adoki controls and manages data transfers

Adoki enables companies to replicate data between systems efficiently. It is a central application that manages and monitors data transfers to and from any data platform (on-premise or in the cloud).

The data transfers are automatically optimized to achieve the highest possible computing power and so as not to limit the platforms’ operation.

1 pers

1 person only can manage 5,000 data transfers instead of the team of specialists needed before.



Data replication platform for complex data management

Adoki is a platform built on open-source technologies that makes it possible to generate and scale data transfers. It can connect to any data storage using individual native solutions and connectors. It automatically checks data schemas and makes sure that they are consistent. It provides statistics and optimizes data transfers to minimize platform overload.


Adoki can easily replicate dozens of TB of data every day.



Adoki features

Replicate,  synchronize, distribute, consolidate, migrate, snapshot and ingest data across major vendor systems.

Quick and easy set up with an intuitive GUI, eliminating the need for manual coding.

Automatically generate target schemas based on source metadata.

Move data across the enterprise or hybrid environments with real-time processing and batch processing.

Scale up to hundreds of sources and targets.

Centralize your monitoring and control with an intuitive GUI.

Reduce impact on source systems and target systems.

Customizable modular solution to fit organization processes.

Use cases

Supported systems


Media coverage

Learn about one of the options how to regularly move key data from Enterprise Data Warehouse into Big Data platform in the article below:


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